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Welecome to K&K Forever, profiling Kit Cloudkicker and Don Karnage from Disney's TaleSpin. This site largely imagines TaleSpin as it might have been before the events of the series, exploring the premise behind an infamous sky pirate who took an orphaned boy under his wing, and their swashbuckling adventures.

TaleSpin Fans,
There will be no further updates to this site. I'm grateful for all the interest, humor, and appreciation shared with good people from all around the world. Please peruse the TaleSpin section of FanFiction.net for the entire Once a Pirate story and and others. Also, below is a download link for this entire site (about 7MB in size), should you wish to save it.

K&K Forever web site download

K&K Forever, est. Dec 13th, 1999. Kit Cloudkicker, Don Karnage, and TaleSpin are the property of Disney. I may be contacted at the following address: ted(at)brahmabear.com