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 "Do not be the clever guy with me! You are not qualified!"

One thing's true about K&Kers, when we're right, we're right. And when we're wrong... well, that hasn't happened yet.

The following were editorials derived from online discussions held by TaleSpin fans regarding the characterization of Kit and Karnage, and do admittedly pose attempted logic on a world of ficticious, cartoon logic.

Why did Kit want to be a pirate? How well did Karnage like having the little ankle-biter running around his ship? These are questions TaleSpin fans have mused about at one time or another, and the following articles take a shot at sorting things out.

Pirate & Protege: the K&K Relationship
By Ted H.
Mainly using the events seen in Plunder & Lightning as a basis, this article takes a detailed looked into Kit and Karnage's relationship, what their past was like together, and why I think it's an awesome premise.
Why a Pirate?
By Ted H.
A close look at the question, "Why did Kit Cloudkicker choose to be an Air Pirate?" There might be more to the reason than you think!
Bark vs. Bite
By Ted H.
Just how vicious is the feared pirate Don Karnage? This article seeks to find out!
Support for Individual Interpretations
By Katie Sullivan
A very nice commentary on interpreting fiction.
People, Plunder, & Politics
By Ted H.
A commentary I wrote when K&K Forever turned a year old. Back then, fan club newsletters were in full swing, this site had a very popular following and hosted the most frequented chatroom among TaleSpin fans in its day. It was amazing how people would get together to talk about the characters and meet other fans, years after the show had concluded.
Six Months
By Mark H.
Mark writes of how K&K Forever, both the site and the meaning, has influenced him.

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