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Once A Pirate

It's been almost a year since Kit Cloudkicker left Don Karnage and the Air Pirates. But when archeologists resurface a legend of a lost golden city, their once diverged paths are about to clash head-on.

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Once a Pirate Fanart
-Jesse Richter- The big bear donning a suit! By Krickitt & Wilson

-Tyler Borden- The gray fox. By Krickitt & Wilson

-Tyler Borden- A portrait. By Katarina

-Jesse Richter- Looking tough... By Gidget


K&K Khronicles

Of Mice & Morons
Chapters: 1, 2, 3
On the eve of a daring heist to plunder a world-famous luxury-liner, Don Karnage and the air pirates must stand up to one of their most defiant foes ever... and it squeaks.

Mornin', Sunshine!
Kit Cloudkicker plunges into one of the most daunting tasks he's faced yet: breakfast!


Kit's Innocence
By Ben Gingell
A short story about Kit's first important assigment as an Air Pirate. Will he do his Captain proud? Rated "PG" for mild violence.
Good Idea? Bad Idea!!
By Ben Gingell
Quake in terror, for Ben has written another one... Check out the MiSTed version (and other TS MiSTs) here.
Where is it?
By Evon
Karnage searches for his sacred mirror...

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